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Is Your Website Capturing Qualified Leads?

As companies, agencies, and B2B marketers, it is our primary goal to find quality leads that are looking for our products and services. In a sales funnel, the first step would require attracting visitors to your website and having them engage with the content. To get them into the next stage of the funnel, many business models require contact with an account executive for the initial sales pitch. The difficult part of transitioning between these two crucial stages is convincing a visitor that giving their precious contact information is worth the value they may get out of your product or service.

In order to get contact information, there are many lead generation strategies companies use, including a free-trial period, discount, demonstrations of the tools or services, newsletters, gated content, and more. These strategies, however, are ineffective without traffic. Like most in the digital marketing space, leveraging good SEO practices to appeal to search engines is key to attracting leads. Optimizing your own website so that it ranks higher in search results shows your knowledge and effectiveness–establishing your business as an expert in building traffic so that they feel confident looking to you for answers. Additionally, by offering a free report that shows visitors weak points on their website not only offers value in exchange for their contact information but creates a roadmap on how your services can help them improve.

Showcase your value with a free SEO report

An effective SEO audit tool will evaluate a website and return a thorough report that measures a site’s security, on-page SEO, mobile friendliness, off-page SEO, accessibility, traffic, performance, and more. The website report is completed instantly, showing customers what you can do for their SEO health in seconds. White label reports can also be customized to feature the metrics you want customers to see, with eye-catching designs that align with your company’s branding. While you showcase your knowledge and effectiveness by providing invaluable website data, controlling what shows up on the report can also be leveraged in a sales call as additional value.

Passively generate quality leads while dedicating more time to your daily tasks

As companies look to expand, more and more are starting to invest in sales automation software to cut out administrative tasks for their marketing teams and sales reps. Sales automation tools often help companies perform repetitive sales tasks faster and more efficiently, leaving tasks that require a human touch for the people who do it best. With more time, a marketing team can focus on developing a more effective marketing strategy, bringing in more leads that the sales reps then have the bandwidth to make closing a priority.

WooRank now offers a Zapier connector that automates the sales process, freeing up time for your sales team so they can focus on converting leads. This sales automation tool is designed to integrate seamlessly as a lead generation bar on a page of your choosing, so that users can directly enter the information without being sent to a separate landing page. The Zapier connector works with any form of your choosing like type form, paper form, or google forms. Based on how the form is configured, you can choose and automate how you receive the information. You can further simplify the process by setting a trigger that automatically sends sales emails to your customers. Getting a lead from the form means they not only showed interest in digital marketing services, but your services specifically, (as they decided to take the first step while visiting your website) making them a highly qualified lead.

Security Concerns

Many organizations rely on third-party partners to meet customer demands. However, there are certain industries that must take extra security precautions to protect highly sensitive information such as financials, customer data, and intellectual property. With the new Zapier connector, you can sit back and let your website securely capture leads for you.

With the Zapier connector, you are in full control of what data goes where. For example, out of all the information potential customers enter into the form, you can choose to send just their first and last name to Salesforce or any other CRM for tracking purposes. Other, more sensitive information like personal phone numbers can be sent to a sales rep or your own secure database. Though it will be WooRank’s technology running the analysis, WooRank also does not collect, see, or store any user info–only the URL to build the SEO report. Once WooRank creates the report, you decide how to distribute and design the data. The white-label PDF is fully customizable to feature your company’s logo and design. You can also customize what data the report shows potential clients, meaning you can choose to include or exclude certain metrics.

Turn cold calls into meaningful and effective conversations

Once a lead enters their information and you are ready to make contact, the free and complete website audit can then be leveraged to create a tailored sales pitch that addresses their unique pain points and how your business or agency is the best fit to solve them. If a potential customer is interested in diagnosing their site’s performance, they are more likely to be interested in other information that can help their business.

By automating your sales process with the Zapier connector, you’re saving precious time that could be spent nurturing or attracting more leads. The free, customizable SEO report provides powerful data to help you pitch your services in a way that makes sense for your business while giving potential customers a preview into the insights and results you can deliver.

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