Last year, WooRank introduced the world to our keyword tracking tool, SERP Checker. Since then, it has become its own tool available from your Overview page and acquired a rather powerful collection of features. This means that our tool has grown from its humble origins as a keyword rank checker into a full-blown keyword research platform. To better reflect the tool’s function and capabilities, we’re excited to announce that SERP Checker will now go by the name Keyword Tool!

With WooRank’s Keyword Tool you’ll get:

This means that you can do keyword research, competitor research, tracking and evaluation all in one place. And that place is Keyword Tool.

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How Do I Use Keyword Tool?

If you were already using the tool, you won’t see any difference in the way it works (other than some of the new features we’ve added). If you’re just getting started, Keyword Tool is quick, simple and super easy to master. Get started in just two steps:

  1. Click "Add keyword to track" and type in your keywords as a comma-separated list.

  2. Click “Add” and then “Apply” to start tracking your keywords (it might take up to 24 hours for use to fill in all the blanks - we have a lot to tell you!).

Add tags to your keywords to make tracking and evaluating performance quicker and easier. Just check the box next to the keywords you want to tag and click the Tags button (right above the search field). To add a new tag, enter it in the text field and hit Create New. Add an existing tag by ticking the box and clicking Apply. Click the Tags drop-down menu next to the keyword search field to filter by tag.

Tagged keywords in Keyword Tool

To get more details about a particular keyword, click on it in the table to see your site' historical weekly performance. Click the "Ranking table" tab to check which sites rank on the first SERP for the keyword.

Keyword Tool historical ranking graph

Haven’t decided which keywords to target yet? No problem! Keyword Tool will help you with your keyword research as well. Click "Add keyword to track" and we’ll give you a list of possible keywords to target based on your homepage content and the top search query data from Google Search Console. Once you’ve added your keywords, sort your list by Volume and delete the ones that aren’t worth targeting.

How Do I Get Keyword Tool?

Keyword Tool is even easier to get than it is to use. It’s available to any WooRank user with a Pro, Premium or Enterprise subscription, and at least one Advanced Review. It’s in the same place as SERP Checker and offers the same great features and functions you’re used to.

To access Keyword Tool, just click the icon next to your website’s URL on your Overview page, or click the link at the top of your Advanced Review.

Keyword Tool icon on Overview page

Once you’ve added your keywords and picked a Google domain, your data and competitor sites will populate automatically. Click on a keyword to get more historical ranking data for your and your competitors’ sites. Click the Ranking table tab to check who’s made it to the first page of Google’s SERP.

Stay Tuned for More

Here at WooRank, we’re always working to improve our tools and expand our features to better help websites increase their search rankings. Keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to the blog and our monthly newsletter for more announcements about how WooRank will help you boost your SEO.