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Meet Duda’s Newest SEO Weapon: WooRank

Website agencies are working hard to bring value and a point of difference to their existing and prospective clients. The new partnership between WooRank and Duda is doing precisely that.

In the first of a series of Webinars, Jeremy LaDuque, EVP at WooRank, joined Russ Jeffery, Director of Platform Strategy in Enterprise Sales at Duda to demonstrate live how agency partners can benefit from this powerful SEO integration.

For those that were unable to join on this initial webinar, here is a quick rundown of the content and resources Jeremy and Russ covered.

What can WooRank do for Duda Agency Partners?

  • Provide actionable SEO analysis & audits on pre-live sites
  • Monitor ongoing SEO & Core Web Vitals for live sites in real-time
  • Rank keywords for clients and their competitors as well as identify the most searched terms
  • Replace complex, more expensive tools with a streamlined option that understands Duda websites

What do we see in the Live Demo?

Pre-Live Webpage Scanning

WooRank works directly in the Duda editor to gain instant feedback on a webpage, identify SEO issues before publishing, and rescan the page as often as needed.

Russ demonstrated how to select the WooRank app, straight from the Duda dashboard. WooRank is automatically injected into the pre-live version of a site where it instantly starts to audit on-page SEO and provide actionable recommendations.

Website builders and developers can easily find the “low hanging fruit” and correct simple SEO errors (such as missing meta descriptions or image alt tags), highlighted before the site even goes live.

Ongoing SEO Monitoring

With access to the full WooRank app users can continuously monitor on-page SEO and Core Web Vitals, run technical SEO audits for internal webpages as well as identify keywords, and track keyword rankings.

In the Live Site demo, we saw how the WooRank assistant launches on each webpage and provides access to the back-end project dashboard for a more comprehensive audit, tailored for Duda users. All in a real-time context and without having to leave the site to access another tool.

Questions from the floor

Jeremy and Russ answered some great questions from registrants throughout the course of the Webinar. Here are some of the highlights:

Q: Can WooRank track page positions for keyword searches on live websites?

A: WooRank tracks keyword position in real-world time, all from the website without the need to jump into another tool. As well as showing competitor keyword ranking, users can also see the local pack for what is displayed in Google maps. The “People also ask” section lists the top questions searched in Google, related to a keyword.

Q: How does WooRank affect the site's code?

A: When you install the app on a site WooRank is just installing a small snippet of JavaScript code. Duda has performed extensive testing to ensure that performance is in no way affected

Q: Can we audit a potential client’s current site to help make to pitch for a new Duda website?

A: This is certainly a key benefit of using WooRank. You can scan a website outside of Duda and it’s a fantastic way to highlight to a potential client that their overall SEO score is low but easily fixable in the process of building a new, improved site with Duda!

Q: Are WooRank Core Web Vitals based on the same algorithms as Google’s reporting?

A: The data that WooRank collects is from real-world visitors. The measurements are based on the exact same data as Google’s in an easy-to-understand way. However, WooRank collects this data as soon as there are any site visitors, while Google needs a minimum of 1000 visitors a month before any information is shown.

Q: How does pricing work?

A: The pricing ranges from $10 to $50 a month depending on how many pages are to be scanned and keywords tracked etc. The idea is that SEO will be incorporated into the overall offering agencies provide their clients and the cost is absorbed in that way.

Q: Does WooRank have the ability to run White Label reports for clients?

A: WooRank is currently working on bringing this functionality to Duda agencies very soon.

Q: What can this tool show or help with from a Local SEO perspective?

A: WooRank can track local keywords as well as filter data in specific geographical areas such as neighborhoods, postcodes, towns/cities, states, and countries. Results also highlight what is showing in local pack Google Map searches.

Q: Would the WooRank code conflict with other tools we have installed on our websites (such as Semrush or Google Search Console)?

A: WooRank is currently auditing thousands of websites with no conflicts

Q: The Platinum level covers only 25 pages. Will there be options for sites that have more pages than that?

A: The packaging has been built around average Duda site needs. Even if a website has hundreds of pages, it is not usually of value to scan every single page, learnings from each page type can be applied across the site.

Q: Does WooRank report on backlinks?

A: Yes, as part of the full technical audit, WooRank tracks backlink information under off-page SEO

Q: Where is a good place to start for agencies that aren’t used to supplying SEO services?

A: The on-page report is a perfect place to start - it’s a roadmap of everything that can be actioned on a page, it can be filtered to show the easiest areas to fix and those with the most impact.

To wrap up…

The Duda / WooRank partnership is still in its early days, but already agency partners have gained a powerful SEO weapon, bringing value to their existing clients, and attracting new business.

Keen to try WooRank inside the Duda platform? Have a look and play for yourself in the editor or reach out for a live demo.

Stay tuned for further information on WooRank integration updates and more webinars ahead.

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