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Partnering with a Leading Website Builder

The key to driving traffic to any website is high-quality content, now more than ever. But insightful content alone is no longer enough; it needs to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready.

New ranking regulations, like Google's helpful content update, mean that website owners must find a careful balance between creating content for the user and optimizing for the site crawler.

The secret to this is incorporating SEO techniques earlier in the content creation process. WooRank's exciting new partnership with renowned website building platform, Duda, allows users to quickly find that content 'sweet spot' right from their website editor.

A Powerful Partner for WooRank

Duda is one of the world's foremost website design and hosting platforms, with over 450,000 users and 20,000 marketing agency customers.

Users and agencies have the freedom to tailor their online experience with a website builder that creates dynamic workflows in half the time.

Duda has a range of website editors to suit all users, from individuals and agencies to Saas (Software as a Service) companies and enterprise-level organizations.

Optimizing Content

By integrating WooRank into the Duda editor, users and agencies have instant access to game-changing SEO auditing and website analysis for their clients.

1. SEO Reporting

Duda users now have complete visibility of website performance with WooRank's tailored SEO reporting. They can easily prioritize the most critical areas for technical SEO improvement, saving time and money.

2. Recommended SEO Improvements

Users can quickly identify technical SEO errors, understand the overall impact, and receive actionable insights on how to fix them.

3. Core Web Vitals Evaluation

Google's Core Web Vitals, metrics that gauge the user experience on a website (e.g., page speed), have a considerable impact on overall SEO. Duda users can now use the WooRank tool to evaluate their website performance against these Core Web Vital metrics and quickly identify areas to be improved.

4. Traffic Insights

With the addition of WooRank, users can analyze traffic sources to their Duda sites as well as page views, sessions, and bounce rate.

5. SEO Keywords

WooRank's keyword tool tracking lets Duda users discover and track trending, relevant keywords (including long tailed keywords) that help boost page rankings for both organic and local SEO.

Growing with WooRank

Through this partnership, Duda is seriously strengthening its value proposition for all existing and new platform users. Integrating Woorank's SEO analysis tool allows agencies to optimize their clients' sites without leaving Duda's advanced platform.

For users, SEO is simplified and accessible, with a clear path to improving website visibility and ultimately driving traffic and conversions. Now they can really start to achieve that balance between user experience and optimization.

To experience the power of SEO in the Duda Editor, get building your optimized website today, or visit WooRank to find out more about our enterprise solutions.

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