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How to Use the WooRank Assistant to Boost SEO

When it comes to your site, you have all the power...plus all the stress and responsibility that comes with it. Regardless of whether it’s an online business or a personal blog, you oversee everything on both the front and back end. Managing all the content, data analytics, and SEO strategy can be overwhelming for any individual, (or team depending on the website's size). SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s incredibly important to ensure your site appears in the relevant results on Google. We need to do more than simply manage our sites; we need them to grow. To help us do this, we need tools to make our jobs easier. In short, you need an assistant.

Meet Your New Assistant

Data analytics are critical to understanding our website’s performance, engagement, and overall effectiveness. An integrated SEO tool, like the WooRank Assistant, helps efficiently analyze our site data on the page level, making the job of managing a site and boosting its SEO easier.

The WooRank Assistant is a powerful SEO reporting tool that can sit on the back end of your site and provides any site owner with intuitive and insightful information about their site’s performance and user experience

The Assistant is free to download and install for any WooRank user and instantly helps a busy website owner gain SEO insight, knowledge of potential errors, and analytic data on the page level. Website owners can view traffic, page speed, and full reports right from the comfort of their home page.

An icon for the WooRank Assistant will sit comfortably in the bottom lefthand corner of each page, visible only to the website owner, or whoever has access to a WooRank login. The Assistant monitors each landing page, and if there are any optimization errors found, the icon will alert the website owner. Like any good assistant, the WooRank Assistant simplifies the website owner’s job by offering a full SEO report and offering a breakdown of the main concerns separately.

Site owners can quickly and efficiently see the areas where each page can improve and the critical areas that need immediate fixing for better page SEO.

In addition to yellow improvement and red error notifications, site owners can see their WooRank SEO Score, quickly and effectively. The added value of the WooRank Assistant is to help website owners create a more realistic timeline to achieve better SEO, showing them how WooRank operates and how their individual actions to better optimize their site affect their ranking over time.

No Detail Too Small

The difference between a good assistant and a great assistant is the attention to detail. When it comes to the WooRank Assistant, no web page detail is too small. The Assistant monitors every metric in the SEO audit, ensuring that no corner of your site goes unnoticed. The Assistant can review and edit web content, like blog posts, on the go, ensuring that every piece of content is as optimized as possible.

Core Web Vitals

WooRank users that specifically implement the Assistant will have access to real-time Core Web Vital data for each web page on their sites. Core Web Vitals (CWVs) are the essential metrics that Google uses to determine how positive or negative your site experience is for your visitors. Those metrics include:

These metrics measure how your site content affects your site visitors. For example, measuring how long a piece of content takes to load, communicate with the browser, or if it negatively impacts other pieces of site content are all things Google considers when considering your site ranking. The better the CWVs, the better the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) position. The WooRank Assistant alerts site owners to their CWVs performance as they change over time.


The WooRank Assistant can also help website owners gain a more in-depth analysis of their own traffic. Site owners can easily see the number of page views for specific web pages, in addition to the average time spent on those pages and the bounce rate.

For example, a website may receive 1,000 visits a week, but without the WooRank Assistant, website owners would have a harder time knowing which pages were visited. If they discover that most of their traffic went to an About page, they might see that the bounce rate for that page was 100%, but that it also had an average of three minutes spent per visitor. So now, a website owner knows that their About page is informative enough to benefit visitors but might not have an optimized path for those visitors to visit additional pages on the site.

Those insights can help website owners take steps to better direct their traffic to the main content of their site.

Competitor Analysis

No matter the type of site, it’s always important to know what the competition is up to. The WooRank Assistant can keep an eye on your top competitors, and score them as well, so site owners can instantly see how their sites compare. If the WooRank Assistant highlights the fact that a competitor has a higher backlink score, then you know to prioritize improving that metric. You can enter specific competitors for the Assistant to keep an eye on, so you know exactly who’s the biggest threat to your rank.

This type of competitive industry analysis is mission critical to boosting SEO, as competitor websites are also looking for ways to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page). With the Assistant’s help, we can remain competitive and ensure that those other sites are always coming in second.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

There are numerous benefits to utilizing the WooRank Assistant, but one of the biggest values it offers is time. Proper search engine optimization takes time, patience, and consistency. With everything a website owner must oversee, boosting SEO can be overwhelming. If they can’t dedicate the right amount of time and attention, their SEO ranking will decrease, and their site will suffer. The WooRank Assistant takes the complicated process of running an SEO audit and simplifies it, so a site owner can save time to focus on the bigger picture for their site.

Website owners can do it all, just maybe not all at once. Having the right help for the job is essential for achieving success. Make your life easier with the WooRank Assistant and start boosting your SEO page by page today.

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