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Drive User Engagement with Data

What is the value of good data? More to the point, what makes good data good? Data can have tremendous value, depending on how effectively you use it. Extracting the value from raw data will require the use of proper analytics and the right tools.

In today’s competitive online environment, SEO tools are a necessity for any website looking to rank higher and make use of its data. WooRank is a powerful SEO tool, able to assess a website’s performance, quantify it, and provide clear step-by-step action items to improve SEO. WooRank has gone a step further to offer new insights for website owners to understand and improve engagement by location and user behavior*.

New Review Criteria

WooRank reports now include additional data, offering four new Traffic criteria to collect website data and measure performance. WooRank users that audit their website can now view Top Countries, Top Engagement Tips, Monthly Visit Tips, and Marketing Distribution Channels within their report.

Top Countries

The Top Countries section analyzes the locations of your website’s visitors, based on IP address data. Website owners will be able to see where many of their visitors are geographically, comparing top countries by percentage.

Knowing where users are physically located allows site owners to better understand their traffic sources, strategize on how to boost organic SEO, drive revenue growth by optimizing the site to boost conversions from organic traffic, engage with specific audiences, draft content in the specific languages associated with its top traffic sources and generate leads.

Top Engagement Tips

Knowing where your traffic is coming from is half the battle. The other half is understanding how a visitor engages with your site. Analyzing engagement metrics is mission-critical to gauging how users positively or negatively experience your site. Engagement metrics include visits, bounce rates, average time on site, and average pages visited. Search Engine Optimization tools are essential for thoroughly understanding these metrics.

For example, it’s traditionally negative to have a high bounce rate. However, this really depends on the type of page people visit. Ask, is it necessary for them to stay longer?

For example, if your website can quickly and efficiently provide an answer to an informational search query, there isn’t necessarily a reason for a visitor to stay long. In this instance, your site visitor benefited from your site’s value, and you have a high bounce rate. Alternatively, a Product page might have a lower bounce rate, as visitors with different types of search intent roam through your site for various periods of time. If more people on average find the information they needed faster, then your site’s bounce rate average will skew on the higher side. If your Product page, or other areas of your site where visitors are expected to linger, has a high bounce rate, then you need to understand why and how to fix it.

General analytics can’t differentiate context on that level, which is why having a separate on-page SEO tool like WooRank is so important.

Monthly Visits

Another new review criterion is tracking the number of monthly visits your site receives. WooRank tracks the number of monthly visits over a six-month period. Understanding traffic patterns can take time and can help website owners visualize how successful their marketing is by seeing the rate traffic increases or decreases over time.

Marketing Distribution

Finally, WooRank’s last new criteria observe different types of marketing channels and compare their effectiveness. A marketing channel is a means of communicating with your audience. These channels include:

  • Direct: Direct marketing channel refers to when a user goes straight to a website via clicking on a saved URL or by entering it manually
  • Email: this channel refers to when a user lands on a webpage by clicking a link sent in an email
  • Paid: paid channels are paid advertisements on third-party websites, acting as backlinks to another webpage
  • Referral: a referral channel is made up of traditional backlinks from other websites linking back to a main site.
  • Search: this channel refers to when a user lands on a webpage after entering a search inquiry and finding it as a result
  • Social: social channels are posts on various social media platforms that link back to the main site

Marketing Channels are powerful means of communication and need to be used effectively. Failure to monitor and evaluate with channels are working and which ones aren’t means risking your marketing budget and failing to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Actionable Insights that Drive SEO

The value behind SEO tools is the ability to build custom data reporting. Without SEO tools offering additional insight, we’re stuck with artifact data. Artifact data tells us what happened, but we need to understand why. WooRank’s new traffic criteria offer more in-depth analysis, so site owners can see what happened and understand the full picture. Understanding your traffic more thoroughly brings out the value in your data, helping form more knowledgeable decisions and strategies that benefit SEO.

Websites with generally low traffic, only a few thousand visitors a month, will have too little data for analysis and visualization and will need to rely on WooRank’s SEO insights for the best traffic-generating practices. However, sites with average to above average traffic will have the opportunity to visualize their traffic data. To see these new review criteria in action, run a report in WooRank today to see how well your site scores against your competitors and what steps you can take to achieve the best SEO results possible.

*WooRank has partnered with SimilarWeb to provide new traffic data for Audit criteria.

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