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New Feature: Uptime notification email subscription goes live

We are excited to announce our newest feature: website uptime notifications!

Since 2010 Google has included website speed and uptime as one of its 200 search signals. This means downtime can now have serious long term effects on your sites’ search rankings. Sites that experience extended downtimes risk being removed from search engine indexes. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. WooRank subscribers who have generated advanced reports (with a WooRank Pro/Premium account) for at least one website will now receive an email notification when status of their website changes.

What is it?

Our system is constantly monitoring your site and will automatically send you an update when it detects a change in its accessibility.

WooRank downtime email notification

After you receive a notice that your website has gone down, we’ll continue to track it so we can tell you as soon as it goes back online.

WooRank uptime email notification

In the coming days we will also be adding a feature to avoid spamming your inbox. If we see that your website’s connection status changes several (at least three) times in an hour, we won't send you another notification until we detect a 24 hour period of no change in your site’s uptime.

How do I get it?

Finding uptime notifications is quick and simple. Simply open a website review, click on Settings and scroll down to Email subscriptions at the bottom of the page. To sign up for the notifications check the box next to ‘Uptime notifications’ and hit Save!

WooRank uptime notification email subscription

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