Here at WooRank, we're constantly working to improve and expand our offering. So we’re excited to announce our newest feature: Weekly Email Digests!

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What Is It?

If you are currently using a WooRank Advanced Review, you can opt in to get weekly updates about changes in your site’s search ranking for your target keywords and traffic metrics. You’ll be able to keep track of:

  • Your site’s search ranking for your target keywords. Are your SEO efforts bearing fruit? Where do you need to pay a little extra attention? Add up to three other domains so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • The number of visitors by day and week to week. Find the best days to post new content to your site and spot opportunities to increase your visibility.

  • Your most popular landing pages. Discover which landing pages bring in the most visitors and optimize them to increase conversion rate.

  • Your site’s social media traffic. Determine how effective your social media campaign is, and where you’ve been most successful with it.

WooRank Weekly Email Digest

How Do I Get It?

It’s easy! To sign up for WooRank’s Weekly Email Digest, just log in, open your Advanced Review, go to Settings and scroll down to to the “email subscriptions” section. Check the box and hit ‘Save’.

Weekly Email Digest signup process

It’s simple, easy and puts your most important information all in one place, directly in your inbox every week.