You may have noticed that Keyword Tool has now moved out of your advanced reviews and into a separate page, with new functionality and greater flexibility.

We’ve provided a summary of what’s changed and how you can get the most from the Keyword Tool.

Where to find Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool can now be accessed via the link at the top of your advanced reviews.

Keyword Tool WooRank

How to start tracking keywords

First click ‘Add Keyword to track’.

Keyword Tool - Add Keywords

Next, provide your keywords, separating them by commas. WooRank provides suggestions for keywords based on your content and data from other sources. You can view how many keyword credits you have available in your plan and the number of keywords currently being tracked.

Keyword Tool Keywords suggestion tool

Keyword credits

Each Advanced Review comes with 50 keyword credits, but it’s up to you how you spread them across your advanced reviews. For example, with a premium account you can track from 250 keywords (based on 5 advanced reviews) across the websites that matter most to you, which may mean that you want to use all 250 credits for a single advanced review.

Once you have added your keywords, Keyword Tool will get straight to work, giving you results in seconds.

Note: position ‘+100’ indicates that the results were found in the top 100 results for the specified domain.

Tracking competitors

By adding up to 3 competitors in the Settings section at the top of your WooRank Advanced Review, we will track positions side by side, without using additional keyword credits.

Keyword Tool

Selecting your Google domain

Next, select the Google domain that you want to track. For example, if you wanted to track your keyword positions in Google US (, you would click the location+flag button (in this case ‘United Kingdom’) and choose ‘United States’. You can check your positions in other locations without using up additional keyword credits.

Keyword Tool country selection

How often are positions updated?

Keywords are checked on a weekly basis. The ‘last checked date’ can be found by clicking each of your keywords.

Keyword Tool latest results

Positions gained and positions lost

If positions have improved since the previous week, you will see a green arrow pointing up, along with the number of positions gained. A keyword that has dropped in the results is represented by a red arrow, together with the number of positions lost.

Keyword Tool positions gained and lost

Sorting the results

The table can be sorted by keyword or keyword position, for your site or competitor sites, by clicking on the column headings.

More information

Click any of your keywords to see more information, including domains and ranking pages for the top 10 results returned in Google’s search results, based on your keyword and selected Google domain. Your website and competitors added in the settings section are also displayed.

Keyword Tool results

Deleting Keywords

You can delete keywords by clicking the checkbox beside a keyword then clicking the ‘Delete’ button which will appear above the table. To delete all keywords, select the checkbox at the top of the ‘Keywords’ column. When deleting keywords, credits will be updated instantly, so be sure to delete any unwanted keywords.

Deleting keywords from the Keyword Tool

What’s coming next?

We are working hard to provide historic data, which will allow you to see the changes in your rankings over time. This will be extremely useful, as you will be able to track your progress and spot any significant changes, pinpointing when they occurred.

We will also be providing a weekly email digest, with details of your top keyword gains and losses for your sites and specified competitors, along with key metrics from your Google Analytics account. Make sure your account is synced and your keywords are up to date!