How to Reclaim Links for SEO

How to Reclaim Links for SEO

What Is Link Reclamation?

Link reclamation is the process of finding, fixing or replacing broken links pointed at your website. In SEO, when discussing links, a lot of focus is put on building new links. However, while building new links is very valuable, maintaining your link profile so as not to lose the link juice your site currently has is also very important. By finding and fixing broken links through link reclamation you can maintain the quality and SEO power of your backlinks.

Why Does Link Reclamation Matter?

As mentioned above, link reclamation will ensure that your website isn’t losing out on any link juice due to broken links, moved pages or faulty URL canonicalization. Going through the link reclamation process has the added benefit of helping you to find defective pages, duplicate content issues and problems with your internal linking and site navigation.

Reclaimed links are also low hanging fruit in the link building world. Website owners don’t want broken links on their site (these links are bad for their own SEO and usability), so fixing or replacing them is in their own interest. Your internal links are the easiest as they are under the direct control of you or, at the very least, a team member. Fixing your internal linking is vitally important to ensure that your pages with a lot of links are distributing that link juice to your other pages.

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