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Adding Structured Data in Wix | Beginners to Advanced Guide

Wix Structured Data: Beginners to Advanced

Structured data is a central SEO topic these days and deserves some attention. Certainly, implementing the schemas that Google supports helps your site garner rich results on the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, beyond SERP appearance, implementing Structured Data helps search engines better understand the content on the page and with fewer resources. So while implementing structured data is not a direct Google ranking signal, it can help indirectly for both Google and for your potential website visitors.

We've put together a guide to learn how to maximize the potential of adding structured data on your Wix site.

Wix Structured Data: Dynamic vs Static Pages

The way Wix currently handles structured data depends on the type of page. For static pages such as your Homepage, About page, etc. the Wix Editor enables you to add whatever structured data code you 'd like. Some of our dynamic pages work a bit differently. It 's important to know what type of page you 're working with.

How Do You Add Structured Data to a Wix Page?

On static pages, Wix lets you add/edit structured data markup directly from the Wix Editor. This is done not via the site 's dashboard but when editing a specific page.

It 's a straightforward process that 's really easy to do.

In the Wix Editor:

1) Click on the Pages icon from the side menu

Wix Editor

Main Pages is the selected default. The main pages are your static pages where you can add custom structured data code.

2) To access the field where you can enter your markup code, bring up the SEO panel. Click on the Show More icon and then select SEO (Google).

Wix Editor SEO

3) Once you have the panel pulled up, head over to the Advanced SEO tab and plug in your code.

Wix Editor Advanced SEO

There a few things to note here:

  • Wix currently supports JSON-LD
  • The JSON structured data is added to the page 's head, not the body.
  • For static pages, it is recommended that you test your code for errors before implementing it.

Wix Out-of-the-Box Structured Data

If you 're running a Wix site and want to add product or event pages, etc., you need to integrate a Wix app into your site. These apps, when added to your site, represent dynamic pages.

When you add product, event, or forum pages to your site, Wix creates out-of-the box schema markup. You don 't need to worry about creating markup code in these cases.

For example, when you create a page for a specific product, Wix will pull the necessary variants from the listing you created to produce product-structured data. So for every product or product page you create on your Wix site, product schema code will be added to it automatically.

Now, it 's important to remember that this only applies to specific pages that exist within a category/vertical (i.e., a specific product page). The page that represents the category is a static page and does allow for easy-to-add custom structured data code. Meaning, the "category page" where users access the dynamic pages that reside within the subfolder, can have custom schema markup added via the Editor.

Don 't get confused. You can add any structured data code to the pages that serve as the gateway to your dynamic pages. Wix does not create out-of-the-box markup for these pages.

Wix Store Pages

The Wix Editor showing an open field to enter JSON-LD code for a site 's main shopping page

Structured Data for Static vs. Dynamic Pages: Why the Difference Matters

Want to create an FAQ page and implement the ever-popular FAQ markup? FAQs are a fantastic way to drive your SEO strategy home and FAQ markup is a great way to help your site stand out on the SERP.  

If you want to use the straight-up functionality seen above to add markup to your page, your FAQ should not be part of a blog post or the like (Wix blog pages are dynamic).

Aside from being a bit strategic with your pages, it 's important to realize that out-of-the-box structured data does make it easier, but less customizable. (Don 't worry, I 'm going to tell you how you can override the out-of-the-box markup in a moment).

If you want to add some sort of additional/unique characteristic to the markup via the PropertyValue schema, that would not be autogenerated by Wix. You would need to add that to the page 's meta-data.  

Which brings us to our next topic.

Overriding Wix 's Out-of-the Box Structured Data Markup

As I mentioned, there may be instances where you need to go beyond the out-of-the-box markup Wix creates for some dynamic pages. Conversely, you may want to add Structured Data to dynamic pages we don 't create out of the box markup for. For this, there is Corvid (focus on the "R").

Corvid is an open development platform that allows you to add JavaScript to a page, create custom functionality, etc. For our purposes, Corvid enables you to custom set a page 's meta data. Corvid allows you to add custom markup code to any Wix page.

When you use Corvid in this way, it overwrites any other structured data that was previously set. So when you enter custom markup code via Corvid, it overrides any out-of-the-box markup Wix creates.

Thus, you can both add markup code to dynamic pages where Wix does not create out-of-the box code.

Wix Code Editor

Sample code setting a page 's structured data via Wix 's Corvid tool

What 's Next for Wix and Structured Data

We 've done a lot of work to make it possible to add the structured data markup you need to your pages. That 's not to say there isn 't more to be done (there 's always more to do, right?). Structured data, and offering more abilities around it, is one of our top priorities.

Currently, we 're working on supporting more out-of-the-box markups for even more page types. At the same time, we 're creating ways for our users to add more than one schema to a given page.

That 's just stage one.

After the above is rolled-out, our focus around structured data is going to be on the ability to edit/override out-of-the-box markup right without having to use a developer tool!

This would allow you to modify/add structured data markup on dynamic pages as you create/edit your site without using Corvid.

Of course, we 're working on a slew of other new SEO features at the same time as well. Keep an ear to the ground!

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Written by Mordy Oberstein, Liaison to the SEO Community at Wix.