A good SEO audit should tell you where you are and where you should be. A great audit gives you a map on how to get there. Here at WooRank, we’ll help you get there. Our Marketing Checklist helps guide you in improving your on-page and off-page SEO to improve your SEO and marketing results:

WooRank Marketing checklist overview

Get strategic

A lot goes into developing a good marketing blueprint.

  • Define goals and campaign KPIs

  • Define your audience so you know who you’re talking to

  • Plan content to better execute messaging

  • Much, much more

Conversion optimization

How well is your site set up to facilitate your business goals? Check the boxes in the Checklist so customers aren’t turned away by your website:

  • Optimize conversion forms to maximize retention

  • Identify and remove pain points in your funnel

  • Track assisted conversions

  • Measure conversions for each marketing channel

Social media

How does your social media marketing efforts fit into your plans? Learn how to implement and track your strategy on your website.

  • Create your social media plan

  • Add social share buttons to your site

  • Promote your brand across social media channels

  • Develop a plan to drive audience engagement

  • Optimize posts to maximize traffic to your website

Search Engine Optimization

WooRank Marketing Checklist item expanded

Learn how to translate the Advanced Audit advice into successful SEO campaigns:

  • Make your website more crawlable

  • Create more targeted content

  • Build high-quality backlinks

  • Optimize your local signals


The way your website looks is a deciding factor in a user converting and a user leaving, never to return. Learn how to create a great user experience:

  • Use clear, easy-to-use navigation

  • Make your layout consistent

  • Optimize images for usability

  • Improve your interstitials and splash pages

Give It A Go!

The Marketing Checklist from WooRank will help you take your search marketing to the next level, and several more levels after that. But WooRank is more than that. Check out our other great SEO tools and features:

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