As a webmaster it's quite likely that you have faced issues with your website being down and non-functional without being aware, due to a server or network error. According to Murphy’s law this always happens when:

  • you just launched a great new product or functionality
  • you are on holiday
  • you want to showcase the website to a client

Life is that hard! How can you make your life a bit easier? It is impractical to manually check the number of times your website faces unpredictable downtimes. Hence, to your rescue, you have a number of services online that offer free uptime monitoring.

We have put together a list of such free uptime monitoring services, but before we begin, if you're a WooRank customer then you already have access to uptime notifications for each website that you're tracking with an advanced review. To activate this service, just navigate to the 'Settings' for your advanced reviews and tick the 'Uptime notifications' checkbox under 'Email subscriptions', then click save.

Most of the services below alert you by email or SMS, immediately alerting you when your site goes down.

The services included below include free uptime monitoring services that are truly free (the majority of them, although they may also offer premium features) and uptime monitoring services offering a free trial.

These services can also help you to decide whether to plan upgrades or consider purchasing options that balance loads on the network.

1. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

With a free account on this free uptime monitoring service, you can monitor up to 50 websites. It checks your site’s header and gets status codes like 200-ok or 404-not found every five minutes. If the status codes is anything other than these and the site is not loading, UptimeRobot diagnoses the site for 30 seconds more. If the problem still persists, it sends alert via email, SMS, Twitter, web hooks or Pushbullet.

Apart from uptime and downtime monitoring, the service also helps monitor server (ping), monitoring keywords (if keywords exist or not in a webpage) and monitoring port (such as SMTP, DNS, POP).

2. Montis


Monitis carries out free uptime monitoring that is easily customizable and has a list of interesting and useful features. This tool not only helps you monitor your site’s uptime, but also lets you monitor your network and server performance and page load time. It sends you alerts via SMS and emails and to your Android and iOS devices with its mobile monitoring service.

3. Montastic

Montastic free uptime monitoring tool

Get email alerts when your site goes down and when your site goes up with this free uptime monitoring service. The service monitors your website’s uptime every 30 minutes under the free plan.

If you want them to monitor your website’s uptime every five minutes and monitor more than three websites, then you would have to go for their paid plans.

4. Site24x7

Site24x7 offers free uptime monitoring services with website, network, server, port and FTP monitoring and testing SSL certificate expiry. You can monitor five basic websites from one location. The monitoring is done every 10 minutes as per the free plan.

You can always upgrade to paid plans for advanced features.

5. ServiceUptime

ServiceUptime free uptime monitoring tool

ServiceUptime allows one monitoring per free account from 10 monitoring locations. You can access account statistics for the whole period of monitoring. The stats are never deleted. You can opt for uptime reports daily, monthly, weekly and yearly. You can also set custom timezone and daylight saving. You get alerts in the form of emails and SMS.

6. SiteUptime

SiteUptime free uptime monitoring tool

You can monitor one site for free with SiteUptime’s free uptime monitoring service. The monitoring interval for the free account is 30 to 60 mins. In the free plan, you can only receive email alerts.

For advanced features you can refer to their paid plans.

7. Uptimia

Uptimia's free option can check your website (HTTP/HTTPS) or web services (DNS, UDP, TCP, SMTP, POP3) as often as 5 minutes. You can recieve notifications you by SMS or e-mail immediately when your website goes down.

Their paid plan includes uptime monitoring every 30 seconds, website speed monitoring, multiple-step transaction monitoring and visitor performance satisfaction monitoring.

8. Binary Canary

You get five monitors for free with BinaryCanary uptime monitoring services under the free plan. You can have multiple users per account email, SMS or SMS by email alerts.

If you like this service you can access more features by opting for their paid plans.

9. UptimeSpy

UptimeSpy Free Uptime Monitoring Service

Get unlimited email alerts for one site under the free plan of UptimeSpy’s free uptime monitoring service. This service monitor’s your site performance at multiple locations around the world, so if your site is down at one location it does not mean that it is down at another. Get response time reports that helps you spot problem areas.

10. Host-Tracker

Host-Tracker Free Uptime Monitoring Service

You can monitor two urls within an interval of 30 minutes between each. You will also get weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. These features are included in a free user account.

If you want to access advanced features, check out their paid plans.

11. InternetSeer

You can have unlimited contacts to receive the uptime/downtime alerts of your site. The monitored frequency of the standard/free plan is 60 minutes. You also receive real-time error and recovery notification and weekly performance reports.

12. Vertain

Vertain free uptime monitoring service

Get weekly uptime reports and the current status of the server (whether it is up or down), for free. The report looks like this.

To access more website monitoring features offered by the site, check out their paid plans.

13. Website Pulse

WebsitePulse free uptime monitoring tool

WebsitePulse free uptime monitoring service offers free website monitoring with limited features. It monitors one server every one hour and gives email alerts of the same.

14. StatusCake

Statuscake free uptime monitoring tool

In the free plan of Status Cake, you are eligible for unlimited tests at a check rate of every five minutes. You will also get unlimited alerts via email, push notification, Boxcar, Pushover and Webhooks for free. Also, included in the free account is a 24/7 support, unlike seen on other free services.

You will find additional benefits in a paid account.

15. MonTools

montools free uptime monitoring tool

MonTools provides free uptime monitoring of your website or server at regular intervals, specified by you. You will receive email, text, Twitter whenever your site is down (phone alerts not included in free account). They allow alerts up to three people under the free account.

If you want to take advantage of advanced features check out their paid plans.

16. LiveWatch

This free uptime monitoring service gives you downtime alerts via email, SMS, telephone, messenger and Twitter. It gives you a graphical analysis of the report and a PDF protocol that is created for 30 days after each failure in the report. The premium plan offers additional features.

17. NewRelic

New Relic uptime monitoring tool

NewRelic is a uptime monitoring service with a forever free plan with limited features. They include application response time monitoring, monitoring of most time consuming transactions, performance of external services, database monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, availability and error monitoring, security checks and App speed index reports.

For advanced features, check out the paid plans.

18. Anturis

Anturis uptime monitoring tool

You can monitor up to five infrastructure resource (e.g. server, website HTTP latency, CPU load etc) under the free account. The monitoring is at an interval of one minute. You will also receive unlimited email alerts.

They have premium plans for small, medium to large-sized businesses too.

19. Google Doc

Google docs uptime monitoring feature

There is no dearth to the services Google shower us with and free website monitoring is one of them. You need to sign in with your Google account and access this Google Doc to monitor your website’s uptime/downtime. You can track any number of websites on this Google Doc, it will track your website every five minutes. You can check your site’s uptime and downtime log in the same Google spreadsheet. You will receive email and text alerts.

20. Pingability

Pingability uptime monitoring tool

If you have lesser than 750 checks per month (which is about once an hour for a month) you can access free website monitoring from Pingability. SMS and phone alerts are not included in the free plan. You can run more checks for free if you give a link back to their site from yours.

21. GotSiteMonitor

GotSiteMonitor uptime monitoring tool

You can monitor five sites, with a time interval of five minutes between each monitor. With one user account allowed in the free plan, you can also get access to unlimited email alerts and 20 phone or SMS alerts.

Enhanced features are available with paid plans.

22. My Hosting Uptime

My Hosting Uptime tool

MyHostingUptime is a free uptime monitoring service that provides uptime monitoring of multiple sites from multiple locations in the world. You receive alerts in the form of email and Tweets. You have to submit your website URL after registration and choose your hosting provider. If your hosting provider is not listed on their site, you can submit details about your hosting provider and it will take ten days to receive your first report.

23. Monitive


Under a free account, Monitive monitors one website, every ten minutes. You also get unlimited email and Twitter alerts.

For enhanced features you can opt for the paid plans.

24. Port-Monitor

Port-monitor uptime monitoring tool

Port-monitor invites its users to access the free service before they launch their paid services. In the free service, you get up to ten checks at an interval of 60 seconds. Unlimited notifications via email and weekly/monthly reports are provided in the free account.

25. Downnotifier

Downnotifier Free Uptime Monitoring Service

You can monitor your site and get email or SMS alerts. Signing up with Downnotifier is easy with a social login. You will also receive extended monitoring reports on your site.

For advanced features the premium plan is available for $14.95 per year.

26. UptimeDoctor

UptimeDoctor Free Uptime Monitoring Service

You get uptime monitoring for free from Uptime Doctor with 20 Push alerts per month and unlimited email alerts. You can test five sites within one minute interval and add unlimited contacts to receive the alerts. To receive SMS in the free plan, you will have to pay $0.40 per message.

27. Site-Monitoring

Site monitoring tool

Your website is monitored at regular intervals with this free uptime monitoring service. You will receive email and SMS notification in real-time when your website goes offline. The site provides free reports and stores up to two years of historical data. The service also provides webpage content checking for keywords and has a website monitoring widget for Android.

28. FreeSiteStatus

FreeSiteStatus uptime monitoring tool

Get free email alerts of your website’s uptime that is tested every hour under the free plan. The service gives you uptime reports and statistics and performance statistics every 60 days. You can have only email account setup in the free plan.

29. MonitorScout

MonitorScout uptime monitoring tool

Monitor Scout’s free package gives access to external monitoring from five locations.

30. UptimeDog

UptimeDog free uptime monitoring service

It is a free website monitoring service that checks your site’s online status every two minutes from two different geographical location. You get email alerts when your site is down. The service requires you to place an HTML link to their website on each of the website that you setup for uptime monitoring.

Uptime Monitoring Services With A Free Trial

31. Dotcom-Monitor

dotcom-monitor uptime monitoring tool

Dotcom-Monitor offers website, network and server monitoring along with page load monitoring and web app functionality monitoring. You can create custom alerts via phone, email, text and more. The service also records complex interactions with your site and automatically monitor playback for issues.

The service comes with a 30-day free trial and the pricing starts at $5.99 per month.

32. Uptrends

Uptrends uptime monitoring tool

The service offers varying intervals of monitoring from five seconds to ten minutes. You get detailed online reports and email reports. You can add unlimited contacts, get email, RSS, SMS and IM alerts, snapshots of errors, transaction recorder and free customer support.

The service provides a 30 day free trial and the pricing starts from $13 per month.

33. Alertra

Alertra uptime monitoring tool

Get free email and Google talk alerts when your site is down. Phone and SMS alerts are charged at $0.29 and $0.19 respectively. Alertra also gives you notifications via Webhooks. They check your servers every minute and wait for consecutive failures from three different locations before they send you an alert. Here is a list of the service features that Alertra offers.

You can take a 30-day free trial and pricing starts from $9.95 per month to monitor 50 URLs (20 cents for one URL).

34. AlertFox

AlertFox Uptime Monitoring Service With A Free Trial

Get real-time alerts on your website’s downtime, transaction monitoring, real-browser views, root cause analysis, in-depth reporting and troubleshooting with a AlertFox paid account.

The service provides a 30-day free trial and the pricing starts from $99 per month.

35. Wormly

Wormly uptime monitoring tool

Wormly monitors your site every five minutes and sends instant failure alerts via sms, email, phone call, short email, ICQ and HTTP/Remote Procedure Call. You can have multiple user accounts. The service detects server health and diagnose problems that helps you solve your issues before the occurrence of a downtime. Get detailed uptime reporting with SLA metrics and performance trends.

Get a free trial (period of free trial not specified) and pricing starts from $25 per month.

36. AreWeOnline

AreWeOnline uptime monitoring tool

AreWeOnline offers real-time website monitoring, email and FTP server monitoring, website performance monitoring, content checking, website spam and blacklist notifications and domain expiration monitoring. It offers unlimited email, SMS and IM alerts, in real-time.

You get to try the service for 30 days and the pricing starts from $9.99 per month.

37. InternetVista

InternetVista uptime monitor tool

Monitor all your internet services and get real-time alerts via sms, email, twitter and RSS. The monitoring frequency is one minute and the service provides more regular checks in case of breakdown. You get extensive reports of your server response times, performance reports and uptime reports that help identify breakdowns.

They provide a 30-day free trial and their pricing is customizable.