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SEO Tools' Specialist Translates Technical SEO into Clients’ Success

An SEO professional used WooRank's all-in-one SEO toos to find and fix errors for her non-tech savvy clients.

Autumn Ledesma, SEO Team Lead at Kaspien, Inc, was finding herself losing chunks of time doing the manual work her freelance SEO work required. As most SEO specialists can agree, she needed a way to automate the optimization and auditing efforts for countless websites.

“WooRank was recommended by a colleague. I continued using WooRank as I transitioned into my own SEO business because the interface is intuitive and pleasant to use. I find that I trust WooRank’s site audits to get more granular than other site auditing tools like SEMRush and Screaming Frog."

“I turned one month of work into two days and improved the site’s WooRank score by 36 points to a score of 80. Its organic performance experienced a noticeable improvement. The client was quite happy with the gains they saw in the next months.”
Autumn Ledesma
SEO Team Lead

WooRank SEO Tools At Her Side

Autumn has been both an in-house SEO professional and a freelance specialist during her career. When transitioning between jobs, she found WooRank to be consistent and reliable in providing an all-inclusive service. 

“There are a ton of search engine optimization tools out there, both free and paid. It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds when trying to use multiple tools to audit and improve a site. WooRank’s tool provides a complete snapshot of a website without having to initiate a dozen different audits. I save time, which is a savings that I am able to pass on to my clients.” 

What was especially helpful for Autumn were the downloadable white-label PDFs for her clients.

“Most of my clients are quite knowledgeable about their business, but not their website. WooRank’s reporting tools help me speak to my clients at a level that they can understand.”

At WooRank, we pride ourselves on our ability to translate technical SEO jargon into something more accessible.

“It’s a language that is not only digestible but helps clients understand the importance of the SEO work that goes on behind the curtain.”

How WooRank works for us

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Finding Hidden SEO Issues With An Old Website

One of the best examples of WooRank’s efficacy was one of Autumn’s clients in the travel entertainment industry whose website was too big for its own good. 

“It had years of outdated pages and a blog that was riddled with broken links and low text count. The task of auditing every page would have taken a solid month without a comprehensive SEO tool.”

So Autumn headed over to WooRank and created a Project for her client. The Site Crawl revealed exactly where the errors on the site were hiding.  I created a project and ran the site through WooRank’s Site Crawl tool.  She was able to sort the issues by priority and show her client real results, really quickly.

“I turned one month of work into two days and improved the site’s WooRank score by 36 points to a score of 80.  Its organic performance experienced a noticeable improvement.  The client was quite happy with the gains they saw in the next months.”

With WooRank SEO For Life

Autumn has become a huge advocate for WooRank since adopting all the seo tools into her daily workflow. Organic search, web page optimization and keyword ideas to name just a few.

“WooRank saves an SEO time by combining several different auditing tools into one.  This allows you to increase your workload and provide a service that demonstrates real value for your client.”

Now, we can count on Autumn to participate in anything new we’re trying, give us feedback on our upcoming projects and recommend WooRank to anyone who’s in the market for an all-in-one SEO tool!

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