Small Business, Big Results From SEO

A small business owner launched his site to the first page of Google using WooRank's all-in-one digital marketing tool.

Overwhelmed by SEO Tasks & Issues

Scott Swaaley, founder of San Diego based MAKESafe Tools, was looking for an easy, all-in-one SEO tool to get his company’s website in front of his audience. He knew that he needed some help with the SEO and digital marketing, and was looking for a tool that would be there to support him. 

“At the time I was pretty new to the SEO space and was overwhelmed by the complexity of some of the big tools. My marketing mentor was clear that I needed to be thinking more about SEO. While I had the technical skills to make changes and implement things, the ‘what to do’ always felt just beyond my reach.”

Luckily, someone showed Scott WooRank’s audit tool and it was exactly what he was looking for. WooRank gave Scott the context he needed to understand the issues as well as instructions on what to do for each criteria. 

Finding WooRank SEO Tools

“I initially found WooRank when someone did an ‘I told you so’ check on my homepage using the WooRank page review tool. My pages did not score well.”

Scott said that he found the reviews incredibly helpful to prioritize his work. But, what really made him believe that it was a service worth his hard-earned money was the human side of WooRank.

“I did a 15-minute call with a member of the team and she was fantastic. There was no sales pressure at all and she was authentically interested in helping me. She also had a fair amount of tech chops, which is very rare for an early sales call. That gave me confidence in the organization.” 

After Scott’s introductory call, he felt ready to tackle the full technical Site Crawl and WooRank’s Keyword Tool to track his positioning and competitors. The weekly emails encouraged him to keep going, but it was the valuable customer service moments that made Scott a true believer in WooRank. 

“First, I watched one of the live streams, and I appreciated seeing the happy humans behind the scenes. Around the same time, I had a few technical questions about SEO and a bug I found on the site. I emailed the team about it and within a few days I had a personal response, a response from the CEO for the issues she didn’t know, and they fixed the site issue. That’s how business should be run! How could I not want to partner with that kind of business!?”

“With just a day or two of tinkering and about two weeks of soak time, I brought two of my best keywords from a position of 100+ to the top 3 Google results. I feel like everything I do on WooRank makes a noticeable difference in my ranking and traffic.”
Scott Swaaley
Tim Roberts,
MakeSafe Tools

Adopting WooRank into Daily Marketing Workflow

Scott knew this was the right tool for him because he found himself using it nearly every day. 

“It’s right at that sweet spot where it’s technically useful and actionable without being so daunting that my subconscious pushes it to the end of my to-do list.”

As an entrepreneur, Scott found the simple scorecard on the page an exciting challenge that was both fun to solve and rewarding when his score improved. He also enjoyed seeing that his small business can have a better-optimized website than his big company competitors. 

Though it can be overwhelming for a beginner, the technical Site Crawl helped Scott identify countless small errors that were made when fixing his site. 

“I never would have found most of them if it wasn’t for that active crawl.”

How WooRank works for us

Increase in website visitors
Keywords in Google's #1 position
Keywords on Google's first page

Scott started with a page review for the homepage and two of MakeSafe Tools’ landing pages optimized for his most important keywords. 

“With just a day or two of tinkering and about two weeks of soak time, I brought two of my best keywords from a position of 100+ to the top 3 Google results. I’m a niche market and I realize that my gains may be faster than most, but I feel like everything on WooRank I do makes a noticeable difference in my ranking and traffic. And this is just tinkering with my existing site structure!” 

Scott said that he’s confident with WooRank’s ability to get even more of his target keywords in the top ten within 6 weeks. 

Impressive SEO Stats

Scott was so impressed with WooRank’s services that he put together an SEO presentation for a group of entrepreneurs like him. He spoke to them about the importance of SEO, how B2B sales is starting to resemble B2C buying, and how most websites are full of invisible issues that make a massive impact on SEO. 

As his convincing argument, he showed his group their low WooRank scores. 

“It really drives it home and makes the problem seem tangible and less abstract and scary.”

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