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Scaling On-Page SEO

A large digital transformation business used WooRank's Reviews, Projects and reporting to scale-up clients' growth

Struggling to Scale SEO Reporting

Thomas Riley, Senior Director of Analytics at MarketScale, was faced with a reporting nightmare: hundreds of clients of all shapes and sizes. Based in the US, MarketScale helps B2B brands build media channels to reach their buyers and grow their businesses through various media, education and analytics avenues. From content creation to publishing and analysis, Thomas and his team provide a complete solution that enables any business of any size and in any industry to connect with audiences and grow their businesses.

Thomas was struggling to find a way to effectively assist his clients with on-page SEO elements at scale. Beyond that, there was a need to find a solution that didn’t require extensive SEO expertise while also providing educational elements on details about what they discovered on their clients’ sites. Thomas knew that providing raw data or results of a site crawl without further guidance leaves clients bewildered and frustrated.

“Finding the intersection of those requirements in a single platform that was also affordable was incredibly difficult… Until we found WooRank!”

“As a company working with hundreds of clients of all shapes and sizes, we needed a way to effectively assist clients with on-page SEO elements at scale. Beyond that, we needed a solution that didn’t require extensive expertise in on-page SEO”
Thomas Riley
Senior Director, Data & Analytics

Adopting WooRank to Solve Pain Points

Thomas spent a good deal of time finding the right solution for his clients that was still scalable for his team at MarketScale.

“While we had solutions around keyword analysis and recommendations, the items that most severely limited our clients’ organic growth potential (and therefore the success we could demonstrate for MarketScale’s efforts with them) was on-page and technical SEO elements. I found WooRank recommended on G2 Crowd and gave it a shot, since it seemed to fit the bill of what we needed. And did it ever!”

MarketScale has adopted WooRank and uses its elements in two primary ways. The first: proactive overview reports that are run on the homepage for each of their clients on a monthly basis.

“We have all clients set up with reports in WooRank and are able to easily refresh those on a recurring basis to provide a high-level overview of on-page SEO opportunities.”

Secondly, MarketScale has found tremendous success using WooRank’s advanced features.

“We also use WooRank’s more in-depth features (through Projects) for clients we are doing more involved projects with on improving on-page SEO elements. We will elevate a client in WooRank to a ‘Project’ for a month or two while we do more in-depth work with them (via Site Crawls, Keyword Tool, etc) and then have the ability to cycle out those projects as they are completed.”

One of Thomas’s main pain points was scaling the work for his team without breaking the bank. With WooRank, MarketScale was able to find a solution that saved time and money for the mass creation of on-page SEO reports.

“No other platform out there offered us the ability to scale this type of reporting to our entire client base at a reasonable cost like WooRank did.”

The specific improvements MarketScale has been able to make with clients’ sites are innumerable. And the best part is that the team is able to provide the level of detail necessary to make significant improvements without requiring extensive SEO expertise from either the MarketScale team or the client. According to Thomas, WooRank is an incredibly scalable solution with minimal time investments, which is the perfect solution for anyone serving a large client base.

How WooRank works for us

Custom Reports per year
Ongoing Client Projects

Undeniable Results for Valued Agency SEO Clients

“It isn’t unusual to see clients increase Organic Sessions per month to their site by 10%-20% within 90 days of optimizing the elements identified by WooRank, without any other significant changes from an SEO or content perspective, proving the value of these types of updates.”

Check out Thomas’ video about WooRank on G2 Crowd. As he says, if you’re thinking about adopting WooRank as your agency’s SEO solution, “bite the bullet and go for it”.

Thomas has become one of WooRank’s most valued customers, and we’re proud to provide a solution that ticks all of MarketScale’s boxes.

“If you’re in the market for an on-page/on-site/technical SEO reporting tool that is scalable to a large group of clients, there simply isn’t a better option out there. Whether it will only be used behind-the-scenes by your team, will be used to simply provide clients PDF reports or anywhere in between, I feel confident saying that WooRank is the best option for your business and the best bang for the buck.”

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