WooRank Projects is like looking at your website through a pair of Googlevision glasses. It instantly checks every part of your page and evaluates each piece to return an overall SEO score for your website.

WooRank Projects iclude a comprehensive SEO toolbox to ensure your website is Google friendly:

Technical SEO Audit

WooRank technical audit

Can Google find and crawl all of your pages? Does it actually see all of your content? Is it properly indexing your images or video? WooRank’s audit digs into your code to make sure you’re not blocking your own site:

  • Robots.txt

  • XML sitemap

  • Meta tags

  • WWW resolve

  • Page speed

  • Structured data

  • Site technologies

  • Server uptime

  • Security

  • Crawl errors

  • Blocking factors

On Page SEO Audit

WooRank on-page audit

Do your pages have all the right elements that search engines use to interpret and evaluate content relevance and quality? Are your links passing link juice around your website to help your pages rank? WooRank looks at your page top to bottom to determine how well Google can read it:

  • Internal linking

  • H1 tags

  • Keyword usage

  • Image optimization

  • Broken links

  • Blog detection

Mobile Friendliness Audit

WooRank mobile friendliness audit

Mobile is the future, and the future is now. WooRank determines how well is your site optimized to load, render and display on mobile devices, so you’ll know if Google thinks it’s mobile friendly:

  • Mobile page speed

  • Touchscreen readiness

  • Responsive design

  • Mobile compatibility

  • Mobile frameworks

Usability Audit

WooRank usability audit

Put the user first and Google will follow. Page speed, semantic markup, security, web technologies and more all impact user experience. Does your website have all these important usability elements:

  • 404 page

  • Declared language

  • Trust indicators

  • Favicon

  • Page size

  • Page load time

This isn’t a checklist. Each criteria is color-coded and prioritized (triumphant green, so-so yellow, and tragic red) and comes with advice on how you can fix it to improve usability and search optimization.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Search optimization doesn’t happen in a vacuum; Google’s also looking at you competitors. With WooRank Projects, you can look at them, too. Add up to three of your competitors to your audit and get a side-by-side comparison:

  • Technical SEO

  • Site performance and usability

  • Keyword usage

  • Backlink quality

  • Social media engagement

Your competitors will also be added directly into your Keyword Tool data as well. So you’ll gain insight into their marketing strategies, goals and priorities so you can stay one (or two!) steps ahead.

Gain insight into their marketing strategies, goals and priorities so you can stay one (or two!) steps ahead.

White Label PDF Downloads

WooRank PDF report template

Create your own SEO report, completely customized to fit your needs. Generate a template tailored to pitch new clients, present progress to managers, promote buy-in from your marketing stakeholders, or anything else you could need it for. Create reports to focus on any criteria:

  • Technical and on-page SEO campaigns

  • Website traffic, user behavior and keywords rankings.

  • Social media engagement, Facebook activity and audience reporting.

Add your own completely customizable cover page logos and colors. White label PDFs are available to all of our Premium subscribers.

How Does It Work?

How does the Advanced Review work? Here's a quick demo to guide you through the Advanced Review and all of the features that come with it.


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