Keyword Tool is WooRank’s keyword research, tracking and competitor analysis tool. It is a super simple, easy and fast way to measure and track keyword rankings and SEO impact. If it involves keywords, Keyword Tool will do it for you!

WooRank Keyword Tool keyword rank tracker

Finding, using and tracking and reporting the results of your optimizations is a critical part of SEO. So we do that for you. With Keyword Tool, you get:

  • Average monthly search volume for each keyword

  • Keyword suggestions based on website content

  • Competitor keyword rankings and landing pages

  • Rankings on all of Google’s top-level domains

  • Graphs to track keyword rankings over time

  • Weekly ranking updates, showing how many positions you’ve moved

  • Keyword tags to organize keywords by category, campaign, or any other criteria

  • Keyword ranking data available in Premium PDF reports

  • Ranking data delivered to your inbox every week

Once you’ve finished creating your Project, just click the link to Keyword Tool from your Account Overview page and start adding keywords to track. Your data will automatically populate, with historical performance filling each week.

How Does It Work?

Want to see Keyword Tool in action? Here's a quick demo of Keyword Tool and keyword tracking:


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