Track your SEO strategy’s success by knowing where you rank for target keywords.

  1. Understand how you rank compared to your competitors for your target keywords.
  2. Find new keywords based on the content you’ve already published and how much traffic potential they have.
  3. Keep all of your keywords organized in one place for easy access.

Target Your Keyword Tracking

These days, search results are tailored based on geolocation. You can localize your keyword tracking by country for more accurate local search data. WooRank makes it simple to focus your SEO strategy on your target location or language.

Sort by Search Volume and Rank

You can get more out of your SEO efforts when you can quickly see which search terms get the highest volume of searches. This information, combined with your current rank, will help you choose terms you can quickly rank higher for and get more organic traffic from.

Track Ranking Changes Over Time

Once you begin following a keyword, you can see your ranking history for that term from week to week. WooRank helps you understand how your content and optimization has been performing, so you can figure out what is working (or not).

View Top Keyword Competitors

Ranking high in search results means ranking above the competition. For every keyword you track, you can view the current top-ranking pages and competitors. This enables you to research how they’re ranking so high and come up with a strategy to stay ahead.

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