Site Crawl is an SEO crawler that allows you to discover and fix how Google interprets your website for use in search results.

  1. Ensure search engines can access, crawl and understand your content to start appearing in search results.
  2. Easily export your site’s technical information as a download to pass on to your dev team.
  3. The perfect starting point if you notice a sudden and unexplained drop in search traffic.

Fix Site Errors

It’s easy to slip up and miss certain on-page technical details that could benefit your rankings. WooRank's Site Crawl points out where you can improve your page for best results. A great way to ensure you are following best practices.

Track Security Issues & Redirects

If you manage your own website, it can be easy to accidentally create HTTP errors you might not ever notice on your own. Site Crawl highlights any big errors caused by the way you’ve set up your site. This way you can keep everything performing as expected.

Catch Indexing Errors Early

Indexing errors aren’t easy to spot if you don’t know what to look for. WooRank makes it easy to quickly find any indexing errors during your routine SEO checkups. By fixing errors as soon as they appear, you can avoid long-term problems they may cause.

Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

Search engines use canonical URLs to determine and prevent duplicate content issues. WooRank includes this kind of information right in your Site Crawl data so you can ensure nothing seems out of place.

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